Marriage Information

The Marriage Record form below is the official state record of the marriage and contains three sections:

Application to Marry[spaces 1-16]. This information is completed by the bride and groom when they apply for the marriage license. Notice that they must swear to the issuing official that the information provided is true. This is the notarization of the bride and groom's signatures done by a judge or a Deputy Clerk in the Office of the Clerk of Circuit Court.

License to Marry[spaces 17-20c]. This section is the authorization for the couple to be married and contains official information maintained by the Clerk's Office. This section also includes the effective and the expiration dates of the license, and must contain the seal of the Clerk of the Circuit Court to be valid.

Certificate of Marriage[spaces 21-25]. The required information in this section must be completed in black ink by the person performing the ceremony -the Notary Public. You will certify the date and location of the marriage, and add your signature, name, title, and address as the person performing the ceremony. Your notary seal must also be affixed in space 23b. Witnesses are optional, and if included, they should sign in black ink in spaces 24-25. After the Certificate is completed, you are required to return the Marriage Record to the official who issued it within 10 days after the ceremony. MostClerks’ Offices provide written instructions and a self-addressed envelope to accommodate this task.

After the Marriage Record is recorded, the Clerk's Office will mail a certified copy to the couple.

If you or your customers have additional questions about the Marriage Record or the procedure to apply for a marriage license, please contact the Clerk of the Circuit Court, Marriage Division, in your county.

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